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Gramps 5.1 Wiki Manual - Command Line

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=== MS Windows ===
MS Windows is a [[Download|community supported]] platform. If you install the [[All_In_One_Gramps_Software_Bundle_for_Windows|Windows AIO bundle]], then this will place an icon on the desktop as well as a menu item in the 'Start' menu. However, the Gramps installation directory is not added to the system path and to run gramps via CLI, we need to know the path to that directory. There are several ways to To find the pathinstallation folder, including by examining the program's shortcut in the start menu, taskbar or the start menu, or by locating the running executablerefer to [[All_In_One_Gramps_Software_Bundle_for_Windows#Installation_folder|AIO bundle's path in Task Manager. In most cases the path will be the default as described belowinstallation folder section]].
As an example, using GrampsAOI-{{template:Version windows AIO64}}_win64.exe installer and accepting the standard destination folder during installation, <code>C:\Program&nbsp;Files\GrampsAOI64-{{template:Version windows AIO64}}</code> would be the location for the Gramps executable. While not common, if you installed the 32-bit version of Gramps on a 64-bit OS, the path would be <code>C:\Program&nbsp;Files&nbsp;(x86)\GrampsAIO32-{{template:Version windows AIO32}}</code>. Finally, if you chose to install Gramps in a non-standard directory, use that folder path instead instead. Use Windows File Explorer to confirm that the path is correct before continuing on. To find the path using a shortcut iconinstead,
* Right-click on the <code>GrampsAIO64&nbsp;{{template:Version windows AIO64}}-console</code> application, or the corresponding item in the Start menu.
* Note down the file location (its "Start in' directory).

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