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# Places custom Filter "ActiveAncestorEventPlaces" using [[Gramps_{{Version manual}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Filters#Places_Category_2|Places General filter]] "Places of events matching the <event filter>"; event filter=ActiveAncestorEvents
{{man tip| 1=Making Filters that are more reusable|2=You could have started with a Person custom filter using the built-in Default Person General rule. That would directly correspond to this Geography view mode. But a custom Filter called using the "Active Person" add-on Person General rule is much more flexible. <br>'' Download and use the incredibly useful add-on Person General Rule created in early 2020. It replaces the awkward PersonID based rules and makes Custom Filters MUCH more dynamic. Thanks Paul!''}}
== Credits ==
*{{checkbox|1|Checked}} - [[Template:Checkbox|Selected Checkbox]] &#x2611; template
*{{checkbox|0|Unchecked}} - Checkbox that is &#x274f; unselected
== Boxed annotations ==
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{{man note|Example Note |Notes text.}}
{{man warn|1=WarningTitle/Heading |2=warning text }}</onlyinclude>

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