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Website application upgrades

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Upgrade MediaWiki (wiki)
* Download latest version of MediaWiki ( ) - (Use the ".tar.gz" file.)
* Upload the MediaWiki ".tar.gz" file into the Gramps hosting site either using ftp or the CPanel "File Manager".
* Use the CPanel "File Manager" to unarchive it into <code>/</code> - it will create a new folder such as "mediawiki-1.3031.03"
From here, you can use a combination of the Cpanel "File Manager" or ssh, so long as you get it all done!
* Rename the new folder from such as "mediawiki-1.3031.03" to "wikinew"
* Copy the "LocalSettings.php" file from "wiki" to "wikinew" folder.
* Copy the entire "images" folder (quite large - nearly 1.7GB9GB) from "wiki" to "wikinew" - you will be replacing an existing folder in wikinew. Again, you could do this with the filemanager or use ssh if you are comfortable with it). Even using ssh it takes quite a while, and I'm pretty sure it puts a load on the server...
* Copy folders from the "extensions" folder in "wiki" into "wikinew". '''Copy only the ones that do not exist there''' (that is, don't overwrite folders in the extensions directory with older versions - only copy across the ones that are not already there). We use the extensions listed below that do not come with the base install as well as a few also listed from the base install that you should not copy over. You need to check and see if there are new versions of these, as sometimes the original versions will not work with the new version of MediaWiki. Installed extensions are listed on the following page:
** Extension that Gramps wiki uses that come with MediaWiki (do not need to be installed) but are listed in the LocalSettings.php file

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