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Names in Gramps

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Origin Attributes
===Origin Attributes===
An optional attribute (characteristic) identifying how a name was culturally derived for a Person. The most commonly used Origin should be considered when making a '''Surname Guessing''' choice in the [[Gramps_5.1_Wiki_Manual_-_Settings#Display|Display tab of Preferences]].  Custom Origins may be typed in at any time. Pre-defined items of the origin selection menu include: * UNKNOWN: Unknown indeterminate origin
* CUSTOM: Custom user defined origin
* NONE: no given origin
* MATRILINEAL: name was inherited from mother's family name
* GIVEN: name was bestowed on the individual (includes 'John Doe' names)
* TAKEN: name was chosen by the individual, including when adopting a spouse's surname
* PATRONYMIC: name is derived from father's given name
* MATRONYMIC: name is derived from mother's given name
* FEUDAL: name refers to the holding of land in a fief
* PSEUDONYM: name is fictitious
* OCCUPATION: name follows from refers to the trade employing the person

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