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Project License

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Network Usage
It seems likely that in the near future it will be possible to use Gramps over the Internet as a web application. When this functionality is available, it would be possible for a person or organization to host the source code on their own server, make changes to the source code, and never contribute those changes back to the project. This type of use is allowed by GPLv2, and as long as that person is using Gramps in a way that is compatible with GPLv2, they are allowed to keep their source code changes.
Some people may see this possibility as a disadvantage because there is a risk that someone will use the code to their advantage and never contribute back. The Gramps project contributors are aware of the risk and if it were ever to become a problem, the project could re-release Gramps under the [http Affero GPL] or some other more restrictive license. However, this would require agreement among all contributors.
== Will Gramps Ever Change to GPLv3? ==

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