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Project License

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3rd Party Addon License
The Gramps project source files are released under the [ GNU General Public License, version 2] (GPLv2) or later license. The Gramps team wishes to promote reuse and openness of the Gramps codebase with other projects. The "GPLv2 or later" license was chosen because it is the most compatible with the other GNU licenses. The Gramps source code can be combined with code from other projects as long as the resulting code is used in a way that is compatible with both licenses. See the [| GNU license compatibility table] for more information about license compatibility.
== 3rd Party Third-party Addon License ==
Gramps makes no requirement that [[Third-party Addons]] use the same license as the code in the official Gramps repository. However, addon authors should be aware of how their selection of license may empower or limit the use of their code in the future.

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