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GRAMPSin manuaalinen lataus ja asennus
* '''Ubuntu''' and derivatives (Kubuntu, Mephis, ...): Ubuntu packages are available on [ GRAMPS download page].** (10.10) : [ gramps_3.3.2-1.deb]** (10.04) : See [ gramps_3.3.2-1.deb]** Jaunty Jackalope (9.04) : download [ gramps_3.2.6-1_Ubuntu9.deb] ** Intrepid Ibex (8.10) : download [ gramps_3.1.2-1_Ubuntu810.deb]** Hardy (8.04) : download [ gramps_3.1.1-1_Ubuntu840.deb]** Gutsy (7.10) : download [ gramps_3.0.3-1_Ubuntu710.deb]** Feisty (7.04) : download [ gramps_2.2.10-1_all.deb] and [ gramps-help_2.2.10-1_all.deb] , and install with your package manager. Standard you could use the [ gdebiOldFiles] package.** Dapper, Edgy and before: 2.2.10 is not available yet, for now download [ gramps_2.2.8-1dapper1_all.deb] and [ gramps-help_2.2.8-1dapper1_all.deb] , and install with your package managerarchives.
* '''SuSE''': Richard Bos has been providing the GRAMPS releases for SuSE's apt repository. They are available from his [ ''rbos'' repository]. See also the forum entry about [ satisfying GRAMPS dependencies for SuSE with the ''rbos'' and SMART].
* '''Mandriva''': Newer versions of GRAMPS are sometimes backported. To install backports you must enable the ''backports'' repository (make sure you understand the instructions on the [ Mandriva wiki]). If the latest version is not in the ''backports'' repository you cab try the ''contrib'' repository.

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