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Gramps 3.1 Wiki Manual - Main Window

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Relationships View
The Relationships View is designed to allow for quick navigation. You can quickly change the Active Person simply by clicking the name of any person listed on the page. Each name is actually a hypertext link, similar to a web page.
[[Image:Family.png|right|thumb|150px200px|Fig. 2.7 Relationships View]]
The Relationships View displays the following sections:
*Active Person: At the top of the screen, name, ID, birth, and death information , calculated age of the Active Person is displayed. If a photo of the person is available, it is shown on the right hand side. Next to the person's name is a symbol indicating gender, and an {{man button|Edit }} button. Clicking the {{man button|Edit}} button will allow you to edit all of the person's individual information in an {{man label|Edit Person}} dialog.
*Parents: The next section, the Parents section, displays the families in which the person is a child. Since it is possible for a person to have multiple sets of parents, it is possible to have several Parents sections.

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