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MacPorts is a package manager for Mac. It allows you to easily install and uninstall open-source software onto your Mac.

Installing Gramps using MacPorts

Gramps version available from MacPorts is: 5.1.3 ( )

  1. Download and install the latest Xcode tools from
  2. Download and install Macports from
  3. Open from /Applications/Utilities and enter these commands:
sudo port selfupdate
sudo port install gramps

If you are running a recent version of OS X (Snow Leopard, or later, at this point), much of the support software is pre-compiled and will install as quickly as it is downloaded.

Running Gramps

Use Terminal to start gramps:



You may wish to install Graphviz to handle some of the graphical reports that Gramps can produce. MacPorts can provide you with either graphical or command-line based versions of either a 'stable' or 'development' release of Graphviz. 'graphviz-gui' is recommended unless you know that you have a need for the development version. Install with:

sudo port install graphviz-gui


Please don't hesitate to create a ticket if you find a problem that you believe is related to the MacPorts build process.