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Gramps 4.0 Wiki Manual - Keybindings

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This appendix lists keybindings (also known as Keyboard shortcuts) you can use on the Gramps dialogs, so as to avoid the use of the mouse.

Some keyboard shortcuts require the user to press a single key or a sequence of keys one after the other. Other keyboard shortcuts require pressing and holding several keys simultaneously. Keyboard shortcuts may depend on the keyboard layout (localisation).

List Views

Common bindings

The following bindings are available in all views.

Key Function
CTRL+O Manage family trees
CTRL+I Import family tree
CTRL+E Export family tree
CTRL+N Changes the view to the next view category
CTRL+P Changes the view to the previous view category
CTRL+M Close the navigator panel (left sidebar)
CTRL+1/CTRL+2/.. Changes the view to view number 1/2/... in this view category
CTRL+B Open the Clipboard
CTRL+D Add the selected item as a bookmark
Shift+CTRL+D Organize the bookmarks
CTRL+H Open the Undo History dialog
CTRL+J Jump to an ID
ALT+ (Left arrow) Move to previous item in history
ALT+ (Right arrow) Move to next item in history
ALT+Home Go to the Home Person
Shift+CTRL+C Configure active view
Shift+CTRL+R Toggle the right gramplet sidebar
Shift+CTRL+B Toggle the bottom gramplet sidebar
Shift+CTRL+Z Do again
CTRL+Q Quit Gramps

All List Views bindings

The following bindings are available in all list views: People, Family List, Events, Sources, Citations, Places, Media, Repositories and Notes View.

Key Function
CTRL+ Enter Edits the selected list item
CTRL+Insert Adds a new item to the database
CTRL+Delete Deletes the selected list item

People View bindings

Key Function
Enter Expands and hides entries of the selected surname in Group mode


Editor Tab bindings

These bindings work on the tab pages of the editors (so not on the labels of the tabs!, press tab on label to move to tabpage content).

Key Function
Enter Same action as the STOCK_EDIT button when that button is present
Insert Same action as the STOCK_ADD button when that button is present
Delete Same action as the STOCK_REMOVE button when that button is present
Ctrl+O Same action as the Share button when that button is present
ALT+ (Left arrow) Change tabpage to the tabpage to the left
ALT+ (Right arrow) Change tabpage to the tabpage to the right
Mouse Key Function
Right-click Call up context popup
Double-click Same action as the STOCK_EDIT Edit button when that button is present
Middle-click Common action that is not the same as STOCK_EDIT Edit button. Eg: on Family Editor Child tab, edit child

Editor bindings

These bindings work on Editors by activating focus or by changing state of toggle buttons (Accessibility).

Key Function
Ctrl+P Change the privacy status.
Ctrl+D Call the Date editor (if present).
Ctrl+A Activate the STOCK_ADD Add button (if present).
Ctrl+E Activate the STOCK_EDIT Edit button (if present).
Ctrl+S Activate the Select button (if present).
Ctrl+F Activate the Father button (if present).
Ctrl+M Activate the Mother button (if present).

Handy Shortcuts

Key Function
F11 Maximises Gramps to use the Full screen
F1 Show manual

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