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'Developer notes for What to do for a release '

Note that the main use of this page will be for making a normal "minor" release. If you are making a "major" release (e.g. x.y.0) then you will need to update this page first, to change the numbers. But if you are only making an "alpha" or "beta" release, some steps may be skipped, or altered slightly.

Note also that there are additional things which need to be done, which are related to making a new release, for instance making a new release-section here on the wiki, or making a new release-section on the bug tracker, so they will need to be coordinated with the appropriate people. Probably there should be a section of this page which lists things like that.

Updated guidelines for Git

Translation update

Run the following steps:

git checkout gramps51
git pull
  • Translations stuff
cd po
intltool-update -m # then add any missing files to POTFILES.*
python3 update_po.py -p # makes a new gramps.pot template file
git diff gramps.pot

If there have been changes on msgid entries, you'll need to commit gramps.pot and ask translators to update their .po files before you can make a release.

Check current translation files (there must be no 'fatal' errors):

 python3 update_po.py -k all

Release name

Refer to (and update) the list of previous releases to select an appropriate name.

Changelog and NEWS file

Look at the changelog:

git log v5.1.5..

Edit and update the NEWS file. Commit the NEWS file:

git commit -am "update for 5.1.5 release"

Working on VERSION

Check gramps/version.py to indicate an official release:

gedit gramps/version.py 

and if need, update the version for the release:

VERSION_TUPLE = (4, 2, 0)

Modify gramps/gen/const.py to indicate an official release:

- VERSION += git_revision
+ #VERSION += git_revision

Save change:

git commit -am "make official release"

The version number should be the same on "about" dialog:

python3 Gramps.py


python3 Gramps.py -v

Create a tag

Create the release tag:

git tag -am "tag 5.1.5" v5.1.5

Tags should be prefixed with the letter v.

Include ChangeLog files

Section 2a of the General Public License says that if you distribute a modified version of a program: you must cause the modified files to carry prominent notices stating that you changed the files and the date of any change.

git checkout <tag>
git log v5.1.5.. --pretty --numstat --summary --no-merges | git2cl > ChangeLog
git log v5.1.5.. --pretty --numstat --summary --no-merges -- po/*.po | git2cl > po/ChangeLog
git commit -am "Update ChangeLog files"
git push

The Changelog files generated with git2cl.

Should be included on tarball generated by Github.

Push to repository

Push the changes to the repository:

git push origin v5.1.5

Work on tag

Move to the new release number on branch

Bump the version number in gramps/version.py

Update the version for the release:

VERSION_TUPLE = (4, 2, ...)

Revert change on gramps/gen/const.py to indicate git revision:

- #VERSION += get_git_revision
+ VERSION += get_git_revision

Save change:

git commit -am "bump to <new version number>"
git push

Release from tag

git checkout <tag> -b <new_branch_name>

Making the source tarball available

The source tarball is generated by github in relation with the created tag.


  • Automatically created when tagged


Previous way for creating the official source tarball:

python3 setup.py sdist
  • Edit the tag and publish the release

Announcing the new release

/TOPIC #gramps Welcome to Gramps! The latest versions are 5.1.5 and the legacy 3.4.9 || http://www.gramps-project.org/ || Please state OS and Gramps version when asking a question. Understand that replies can take up to 2 days depending on whose watching the channel. Please consider asking on the gramps-users mailing list.

  • update the version number at Wikipedia
  • update mantisdb(Bug/issue database) and enable the new version via Admin:Projects item for reporting issues.


  • merge forward the NEWS file

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