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Interactive web apps

Fig. 1 GrampsWeb screenshot from GitHub project docs

Gramps Web

Gramps Web is a web app developed by the Gramps community that allows authorized users to collaboratively edit a network Gramps family tree database using the same code base as Gramps Desktop.

See the Gramps Web wiki page (for an overview) or its project website (for detailed user documentation).

Gramps Web Sync

Gramps Web Sync addon synchronizes the Gramps Web online database with Gramps Desktop from the Tools -> Family Tree Processing submenu. It supports import and export of genealogical data in all formats supported by Gramps.

See the Gramps Web Sync project on GitHub to give feedback.

Reports that build uploadable pages

Narrated Web Site

The Narrated Web Site... creates an entire website of uploadable linked webpages.

Special webpages

Under the Reports -> Web pages -> submenu:

External tools that leverage Gramps XML


Betty - static site generator for Gramps XML and GEDCOM family trees by Bart Feenstra

Gramps' Narrated Web Site Report is indeed also a statically generated site, like any Betty site. You can do this anywhere you want: on a remote server using the CLI, or on your own machine using the CLI or the desktop GUI application.

Betty is not limited to just processing Gramps data. What happens when generating a site is that all the inputs are parsed and loaded into Betty's data model through Loader extensions The betty.gramps.Gramps extension is currently the only implementation shipped with Betty.

Betty then allows for processing of that data depending on your project's configuration: guard privacy, derive additional data, and clean up orphan data.

Finally, the resulting data (family tree) is built into HTML pages and JSON files (for the HTTP API), images are resized, CSS and JS files are compiled, etc.

The output of this generation is a www/public directory with the site that can be viewed locally or, copied to a flash drive, or uploaded through rsync/scp/FTP/etc.

Once generated, all you need is a web browser to view the site. And any off-the-shelf webserver or web host can publish the site online. Because the site is static, no additional software is required (PHP, Python, databases...) to serve the content.

Export to an uploadable format with a web browser

  • GeneWeb format - GenWeb is free, open source genealogy software written in OCaml by Daniel de Rauglaudre running on a lightweight webserver for Unix, Linux, Microsoft Windows and macOS platforms.
  • Web Family Tree format - Web Family Tree genealogy freeware by Peter Moylan (OS/2 webserver based)

Data Scrapers

Data Scrapers poll web sources for importable data. They recognize structured data in one source and crosswalk it to the corresponding data structure in a destination. (The destination could be a file format... Like GEDCOM... or an application... like Gramps.)

Finding Aids

Finding Aids do contextual lookups of structured data in a database in another system. Like might be looking up a person by given name, surname and years of birth/death; or by an archived reference ID.

  • Web Connect Pack - person view website lookups via contextual popup menu
    • DE (Deutsch) Web Connect Pack
    • FR (French) Web Connect Pack
    • NL (Netherlands) Web Connect Pack
    • RU (Russian) Web Connect Pack
    • UK (United Kingdom) Web Connect Pack
    • US (United States) Web Connect Pack

Inactive Projects

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