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(test tab python 3.0)
m (test tab python 3.0)
Line 192: Line 192:
|: classic int division|  year = (century * 100) + (temp / _GRG_DAYS_PER_4_YEARS)
|: classic int division
|  year = (century * 100) + (temp / _GRG_DAYS_PER_4_YEARS)

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if you have comments on pages, or ideas on how to improve, please use the talk page and not the article itself.

Eg, on Improving_picture_quality you give an idea to make the article better. You should add that to Talk:Improving_picture_quality not to the article itself.

table in settings

I editted the table pls check if ok Jérôme




should we block this dinmoo0 guy?

Anyway, thanks for catching it! bmcage 08:45, 31 May 2007 (EDT)


Jerome, I added sidebar in french. I don't know what you plan with the pages MediaWiki talk:Sidebar/fr and MediaWiki talk:Sidebar but they can be deleted I think.


Jerome, the dict problem appears to be a wiki bug on inclusion of large files.

Traduction française


Je suis nouveau sur le wiki de GRAMPS.

J'ai commencé à traduire l'aide du wiki Help:Contents/fr en utilisant l'aide de [Mediawiki]. Et étant donné que c'est la première fois que je participe à un wiki, j'aimerai savoir si je procède correctement




Translating to Russian

I want to translate wiki to russian. As far as I understand, you have permission to add my language to list of supported languages. Could you do this? --Communar 01:29, 13 November 2008 (EST)


Hej! Har lämnat några undringar på min sida. Hälsningar toscanders 14:51, 28 November 2008 (EST)

traduction italien

Bonjour Jerome, j'ai demarré la traduction du wiki en italien, ce matin j'aurai aimer continuer mais les pages traduites jusqu'au present ont disparu. Defaillance du serveur ou autre? Fernandopescia

Merci Jerôme, c'etait bel et bien un problème de maintenance. Les trad en ita son là à nouveau. --Fernandopescia


I translate this wiki-project to Finnish and I want to know, where this Wiki can ask administrator rights?

--Ubuntun 12:22, 3 January 2009 (EST)

make update-po


I rolled back the changes in "What to do for a release", but I'd like to add your changes back once I understand better. I ran the command in question to see what happens:

make update-po

but found there were thousands of changes in 3.1. I didn't even know about that command -- what exactly is it doing, and should this be done just prior to 3.1? Will it break any translations? Do translators need to check it over before I commit it? Because the changes are in translation, something I'm not familiar with, I'm reluctant to check it in unless someone more familiar looks it over to ensure I'm not breaking things. I would hate to break all translations just a couple of days before we release 3.1! --Stéphane 06:53, 28 February 2009 (UTC)

Do we gain anything for 3.1.0 in running this today just before we release 3.1.0? If not, then I'd say let's do this after 3.1.0 is out. Because I'm not familiar with how translation works, I'm worried about the thousands of changes that would take place if we run this command. --Stéphane 09:26, 28 February 2009 (UTC)

test tab python 3.0

module deprecated warning new alternative
AutoComp.py:159: : the cmp argument is not supported in 3.x keys.sort(self.by_value)
BasicUtils/_NameDisplay.py:349: : the cmp argument is not supported in 3.x d_keys.sort(_make_cmp) # reverse sort by ikeyword
BasicUtils/_NameDisplay.py:366: : the cmp argument is not supported in 3.x d_keys.sort(_make_cmp) # reverse sort by keyword
DataViews/GrampletView.py:1184: : the cmp argument is not supported in 3.x gramplets.sort(lambda a, b: cmp(a.row, b.row))
DataViews/GrampletView.py:1330: : classic int division if x < (sx/len(self.columns) * (i + 1)):
DataViews/PedigreeView.py:1002: : classic int division ymid = int(math.floor(ymax/4*3))
DataViews/PedigreeView.py:1068: : classic int division gap = alloc.height / (h*2)
DataViews/PedigreeView.py:1077: : classic int division area.window.draw_line(gc, 0, alloc.height/2, alloc.width/2,alloc.height/2)
DataViews/PedigreeView.py:1083: : classic int division area.window.draw_line(gc, alloc.width/2, alloc.height/2, alloc.width/2,gap)
DataViews/PedigreeView.py:1084: : classic int division area.window.draw_line(gc, alloc.width/2, gap, alloc.width,gap)
DataViews/PedigreeView.py:1090: : classic int division area.window.draw_line(gc, alloc.width/2, alloc.height/2, alloc.width/2,alloc.height-gap)
DataViews/PedigreeView.py:1091: : classic int division area.window.draw_line(gc, alloc.width/2, alloc.height-gap, alloc.width,alloc.height-gap)
DataViews/PedigreeView.py:841: : classic int division if i > 0 and lst[((i+1)/2)-1]:
DataViews/PedigreeView.py:843: : classic int division fam = lst[((i+1)/2)-1][2]
DataViews/PedigreeView.py:847: : classic int division pw.connect("button-press-event",
DataViews/PedigreeView.py:860: : classic int division if self.show_images and i < ((len(positions)-1)/2) and positions[i][0][3] > 1:
DataViews/PedigreeView.py:984: : classic int division ymid = int(math.floor(ymax/2))
DataViews/PedigreeView.py:993: : classic int division ymid = int(math.floor(ymax/4))
DateHandler/_DateParser.py:276: : the cmp argument is not supported in 3.x keys.sort(lambda x, y: cmp(len(y), len(x)))
DisplayModels/_PeopleModel.py:196: : the cmp argument is not supported in 3.x slist.sort(lambda x, y: locale.strcoll(x[0], y[0]))
DisplayModels/_PeopleModel.py:96: : the cmp argument is not supported in 3.x mylist.sort(locale.strcoll)
DisplayState.py:223: : the cmp argument is not supported in 3.x rfiles.sort(by_time)
Editors/_EditPrimary.py:139: : comparing unequal types not supported in 3.x self.empty_object().serialize()[1:]) == 0
gen/db/dbdir.py:2034: : comparing unequal types not supported in 3.x old_version = map(int, db.__version__.split(".",2)[:2]) < (4, 7)
gen/lib/calendar.py:435: : classic int division - _GRG_SDN_OFFSET )
gen/lib/calendar.py:442: : classic int division century = temp / _GRG_DAYS_PER_400_YEARS
gen/lib/calendar.py:445: : classic int division temp = ((temp % _GRG_DAYS_PER_400_YEARS) / 4) * 4 + 3
gen/lib/calendar.py:446: : classic int division year = (century * 100) + (temp / _GRG_DAYS_PER_4_YEARS)
gen/lib/calendar.py:447: : classic int division day_of_year = (temp % _GRG_DAYS_PER_4_YEARS) / 4 + 1
gen/lib/calendar.py:451: : classic int division month = temp / _GRG_DAYS_PER_5_MONTHS
gen/lib/calendar.py:452: : classic int division day = (temp % _GRG_DAYS_PER_5_MONTHS) / 5 + 1
gen/lib/grampstype.py:70: : Overriding __cmp__ blocks inheritance of __hash__ in 3.x class GrampsType(object):
GrampsLogger/_ErrorReportAssistant.py:5: : in 3.x, bsddb has been removed please use the pybsddb project, instead import sys, os,bsddb
plugins/gramplet/TopSurnamesGramplet.py:83: : the cmp argument is not supported in 3.x surname_sort.sort(lambda a,b: -cmp(a,b))
QuickReports.py:94: : the cmp argument is not supported in 3.x showlst.sort(by_menu_name)
ViewManager.py:1400: : the cmp argument is not supported in 3.x lst.sort(by_menu_name)
widgets/monitoredwidgets.py:539: : the cmp argument is not supported in 3.x keys.sort(self.__by_value)