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Hello Richard, I remember your plan for a Certificate Manager application !

I would like to see something like that but as I am not a 'python wizard', I just made some contributions for a better sources management ... see Repository Report and RepoRef quick report on Gramps-3.1.2.

Also, I was able to use a third party program as a certificate manager working together with Gramps ! See Tellico.

-- Jerome R.

Alternate Repository Report is not really standard, I cheated to get lists faster... and is only working for Gramps-3.1.x.
For me, there is two place where Gramps management was not very clear. Source management is one of them (rather a gedcom support issue ...) : source reference (Volume/Page, date) like used on Gramps-2.0.x (before repository support) can be used on multiple object (Person with source, Event with source, Attribute with source, etc ...).
It is a nightmare to find a way for dispalying this source references. I generated an alternate filter on event, but it is not a good solution for all objects with source.
We should not ignore this data even database design does not allow to easily use it. I thought on using Matches filters on primary objects, but I do not know how to retrieve this data for secondary objects or addresses :(
Note: recording a french census is not far away from recording UK census. But seems there is two type of management. Source reference (volume/page) could be used on books, french archives are often available "on-line", most part of time, searcher cannot easily access to books ... Looks like a gedcom 5.5 issue, which has been written 10 years ago and ignores internet, scanned and translated certificates !
-- romjerome