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MenuBar also know as
(Link to relevant sections of the manual / move this to possibly a New appendix?)
(Menus change and appear dependant on the Category used eg: Edit / View /
/ how to represent that? maybe a table of some sort? Make some more screen shots!)
=Main Menus=
[[image:Menubar_MainMenuOverview-noFamilyTreeLoaded-40.png|thumb|left|400px|Fig.  Menubar - Main Menu Overview - No Family Tree Loaded]]
[[image:Menubar_MainMenuOverview-40.png|thumb|left|400px|Fig.  Menubar - Main Menu Overview - Family Tree]]
[[image:Menubar_MainMenuOverview-active-40.png|thumb|left|400px|Fig.  Menubar - Main Menu Overview - Family Tree - Edit windows Active and in use]]
==Family Trees==
[[image:Menubar-FamilyTrees-40.png|thumb|right|400px|Fig.  Menubar - Family Trees Overview]]
*'''Manage Family Trees...''' -
*'''Open Recent''' -
*'''Import...''' -
*'''Export...''' -
*'''Make Backup...''' -
*'''Abandon Changes and Quit...''' -
*'''Quit...''' -
[[image:Menubar-Edit-40.png|thumb|right|400px|Fig.  Menubar - Edit Overview]]
*'''Undo''' -
*'''Redo''' -
*'''Undo History...''' -
*'''Clipboard''' -
*'''Preferences...''' -
[[image:Menubar-View-40.png|thumb|right|400px|Fig.  Menubar - View Overview]]
*'''Configure...''' -
*'''Navigator...''' -
*'''Toolbar...''' -
*'''Full Screen...''' -
[[image:xxx|thumb|right|400px|Fig.  Menubar - Go Overview]]
[[image:xxx|thumb|right|400px|Fig.  Menubar - Bookmarks Overview]]
*Add Bookmark
*Organize Bookmarks...
* Dynamic section where the bookmarks appear
[[image:Menubar-ReportsOverview-40.png|thumb|right|400px|Fig.  Menubar - Reports Overview]]
*'''Books...''' -
*'''Graphs...''' -
**'''Family Lines Graph...''' -
**'''Hourglass Graph...''' -
**'''Relationship Graph...''' -
*'''Graphical Reports...''' -
**'''Ancestor Tree...''' -
**'''Calendar...''' -
**'''Descendant Tree...''' -
**'''Family Descendant Tree...''' -
**'''Fan Chart...''' -
**'''Statistics Charts...''' -
**'''Timeline Chart...''' -
*'''Text Reports...''' -
**'''Ahnentafel Report...''' -
**'''Birthday and Anniversary Report...''' -
**'''Complete Individual Report...''' -
**'''Database Summary Report...''' -
**'''Descendant Report...''' -
**'''Detailed Ancestral Report...''' -
**'''Detailed Descendant Report...''' -
**'''End of Line Report...''' -
**'''Family Group Report...''' -
**'''Kinship Report...''' -
**'''Number of Ancestors Report...''' -
**'''Places Report...''' -
**'''Records Report...''' -
**'''Tag Report...''' -
*'''Web Pages...''' -
**'''Narrated Web Site...''' -
**'''Web Calendar...''' -
[[image:Menubar-ToolsOverview-40.png|thumb|right|400px|Fig.  Menubar - Tools Overview]]
*'''Analysis and Exploration''' -
**'''Compare Individual Events...''' -
**'''Interactive Descendant Browser...''' -
*'''Debug''' -
**'''Check Localized Date Display and Parser...''' -
**'''Dump Gender Statistics...''' -
**'''Generate Testcases for Persons and Families...''' -
**'''Populate Sources and Citations...''' -
**'''Python Evaluation Window...''' -
**'''Show Uncollected Objects...''' -
*'''Family Tree Processing''' -
**'''Edit Database Owner Information...''' -
**'''Extract Event Descriptions...''' -
**'''Extract Information from Names...''' -
**'''Extract Place Data from Place Title...''' -
**'''Find Possible Duplicate People...''' -
**'''Fix Capitalization of Family Names...''' -
**'''Merge Citations...''' -
**'''Rename Event Types...''' -
**'''Reorder Gramps IDs...''' -
**'''Sorts events...''' -
*'''Family Tree Repair''' -
**'''Check and Repair Database...''' -
**'''Rebuild Gender Statistics...''' -
**'''Rebuild Reference Maps...''' -
**'''Rebuild Secondary Indices...''' -
**'''Remove Unused Objects...''' -
*'''Utilities''' -
**'''Generate SoundEx Codes...''' -
**'''Media Manager...''' -
**'''Not Related...''' -
**'''Relationship Calculator...''' -
**'''Verify the Data...''' -
=={{man menu|Windows}}==
Menu provides quick access to opened windows you are working on.
=={{man menu|Help}}==
[[image:Menubar-Help-40.png|thumb|right|400px|Fig.  Menubar - Help Overview]]
*{{man menu|User Manual}} - Direct link to the online Gramps User manual you are viewing right now. Yes, you need an internet connection to consult the Gramps User Manual.
*{{man menu|FAQ}} - A link to the [[Gramps_4.0_Wiki_Manual_-_FAQ|Frequently Asked Questions]] about Gramps.
*{{man menu|Key Bindings}} - A link to the [[Gramps 4.0 Wiki Manual - Keybindings|Keybindings reference]] for Gramps. Also known as Keyboard shortcuts.
*{{man menu|Tip of the Day}} - Displays the "Tip of the day" dialog.
*{{man menu|Plugin Manager}} - From this menu you can manage the plugins you may have added.
*{{man menu|Gramps Home Page}} - This item opens your web browser and connects to the Gramps project web site.
*{{man menu|Gramps Mailing List}} - This item opens your web browser to the Gramps mailing list page. On this page, you can browse the mailing list archives and join the gramps-users mailing list so you can share your experiences with other Gramps user's.
*{{man menu|Report a Bug}} - Choose this item to file a [[Using_the_bug_tracker |bug report]] in the Gramps bug tracking system. (Remember, Gramps is a living project. We want to know about any problems you encounter so we can work to solve them for you and everyone elses benefit.)
*{{man menu|Extra Reports/Tools}} - A link to the [[4.0_Addons |Installing Addons in Gramps]].
*{{man menu|About}} - This item displays a dialog with general information about the Gramps version you are running.

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