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Drbeams, what do you try to do on the developers page? Could you tell me your intentions. Personally, I have some remarks:

  1. Country Specific Genealogy Contacts section looks to me to be the same thing as the internationalization box. I would hence delete it. Note that most people who have done this have their contacts in the python files, and don't want to publizise it.
  2. Concerning this, their are 3 different tasks:
    1. development of country specific information such as handling of surnames, dates, etc, python coding needed
    2. translating the GRAMPS program, dedication needed. contacts are in .po files
    3. translating wiki pages, just community involvement with one person responsible, contacts in GRAMPS:Language policy
  3. I think most developers will not write about what they are doing. The main devels use the blog, I use my user page, most have no time to spare on the wiki. Perhaps it's better not to make a box on the developers page with Developer Progress Project Reports, but instead make one wiki page with how developers can keep progress reports, and linking to the different reports (or user page, eg User:Bmcage). This one page can then be added to the links on the portal.
  4. If you make content changes, and would like to make a box on the portal page, feel free to ask me to do that. Their are now some errors on the Portal:Developers page. I will wait to correct them till I hear your plans.

  1. 1. I hear the same thing over and over again from devlopers. We know how to develop but don't know genealogy. I've noticed that genealogy from specific countries have specific needs. I see a lot of these put in as changes into Gramps as a whole. I have to wonder if these cannot be added as an extension or module to Gramps. Yes, I've wondered myself why specific geographic branches are not handling these within their geographical locations.
  1. 2 I have no clue as to what developers are doing. Even as a causual observer I am interested in Gramps "projects". For example, Don was working on and completed the 5.x.x GEDCOM. I had no idea he was doing so. I think a progress report allows other users/developers to see what is happening to the project as a whole and may help relieve the "I want this feature now/yesterday" syndrome. Perhaps this should be a section for the users with blog linksĀ ?
  1. 3 Sorry if I messed up the wiki. I am just beginning to work with "wiki" material.
  1. 4 Feel free to delete/correct anything. That is what wiki's are all aboutĀ :-)
  1. 5 I am adding a section on "usability" videos. Again, delete, remove, edit as you wish.

some talk

Well, I looked at recent changes and saw you wrote here in reply. If you want to reply, you should use my user page User talk:Bmcage. I know, it's stupid, but it's how wiki works.

Concerning internationalization, thruth is we are all related, and the day your child marries with somebody from Maleisia, you will be happy that GRAMPS out of the box supports special quirks the Maleisians have. So, only translation is in modules, functionality should be the same for everybody.

To know what developers are doing, you should read every week the Changelog. See also Roadmap. Developers are often coding from 22-23 o'clock, write ChangeLog and commit. They just have too little time to do PR around it, but the code is accessible for everyone to see what happens day in day out.

Fun with the wiki, I leave you to figure it all out, and clean up if needed when you finished your changes.

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