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In GRAMPS 3.0.x, the manual is no longer distributed with GRAMPS, and only available online, so you need an internet connection to be able to read the manual. It is is available from within GRAMPS by pressing F1, or through the help menu, and provides in depth instructions on the use of GRAMPS.

GRAMPS 3.0.x Manual

The 3.0.x Manual is at the moment only available in wiki format.

Note that for distribution reasons, all edits to this manual must be dual-license: as GPL and GNU Free Documentation License.

The aim is to be also able to create a distributable manual. See Manual Generation 3.0 for ideas on how to do this.

The motivation for a wiki manual is that it is editable by all users and allows cross linking to normal wiki content, greatly improving the quality of the manuals. It does make translating the manual harder. Ideas are welcome to improve this.

GRAMPS 2.2.x Manual

The GRAMPS 2.2.x manual has been translated into 3 languages: French, Dutch and Slovak. You can browse the manuals online or download a pdf in book format (2.5 Mb download, 100 pages, 55 figures).

GRAMPS est une application Open Source définie pour la recherche généalogique.
GRAMPS is een open source, gratis genealogish software pakket. De handleiding is vertaald in het nederlands, en kan hier geraadpleegd worden
GRAMPS je software typu Open Source určený pre genealogický výskum.
Manual links
English Online Manual PDF in letter and A4 size
Français HTML Manuel PDF en format A4
Nederlands HTML Handleiding PDF in A4 formaat
Slovak HTML Manuál A4 PDF

If you encounter an error or have a question about GRAMPS, please feel free to Contact us.