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The first version was based on webkit or gtkmozembed.

The second version is based on osm-gps-map

I tried to convert osm-gps-map to champlain as it is the library used by gnome. I could do only 30 to 40 percent of what is possible with osmgpsmap. We can't use the print function with cairo. So I left libchamplain until it will be usable.

ToDo List

Possibility to have multiple kind of icons for places

Feature request : 8447 I think it should be available for the plugin only


Poligons on maps

As it has been discussed on the users list, it could be useful to have the possibility to display polygons on the map.

It's easy to do with osmgpsmap. We need only a layer for that.

I see two problems for this :

What format to use :

kml, kmz

They are the formats used by google. The kmz is a compressed kml : OGC kml standard

On ubuntu there is already a python package for this :

python-kml - Library to manipulate KML 2.2 OGC standard files - Python extension

I only use kml files. We don't need the python-kml extension.


This is the format used by the OGC.

No python package to read gml files.

We don't use Gml files.


Perhaps it would be useful to be able to open every types of file. The first one would be the kml.

Where to put these related information ?

Use the media list in the place record ?

  • mime type = kml
  • For a place, if we have one or more medias of type kml, we can display them.

We need to edit the place then use the media tab to add a kml file.