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TMG Database importer (reads Backup SQZ )

Information related to TMG Import 7591

My attempt to create an importer for TMG

  • TBA - Originally attempted to create one on gramps master but due to third party non gpl2 code(dbf is a BSD License), have moved code into my own third party Plugin.


Gramps Enhancements to match TMG behavior

Only if it makes sense. eg: no matching ability in Gramps.

TMG's View/Windows

  • TMG Mainviews (=Details Window)
    • (Yes) TMG Person View - Good overview of all Tags and events related to a person (No real equivalent without running a report!)
    • (No ) TMG Family View - similar to a family group sheet (Simpler than Gramps Relationship Category View)
    • (No ) TMG Tree View - Graphical: pedigree-type display (Simpler than Gramps Charts Category > Pedigree view)
  • TMG's Additional windows
    • (?) TMG Flags Window -
    • ( ) TMG Children Window -
    • ( ) TMG Siblings Window -
    • (Yes) TMG Image Window - Displays Primary Exhibit only
    • ( ) TMG Associates Window -
    • (?) TMG Focus Group Window - collects groups of people into list that you can save and reuse in filters.
  • TMG Picklist (Searching)
    • (Yes) TMG Search by TMG ID# - dialog
      Possibly modify Gramps or have an additional Jump key to select an individual by TMG_ID#
      4970 Showing TMG ID# in Gramps
    • (?) TMG Simple Picklist
    • (?) TMG Expanded Picklist
    • (?) TMG Project Explorer - (Advanced)
  • TMG Masterlist (Gramps individual views are basically these but open the whole time)
    • TMG Master Source List (All sources recorded) -> (Can also access the "Source definition" screen)
    • TMG Master Repository List (Where source found)
    • TMG Master Place List (All places in Dataset/Project)
    • TMG Master Event List (All events contained in tags)
    • TMG Master Tag Type List (All Tag Types in alphabetical list)
    • TMG Master Style List (All name & place styles)
  • TMG Logs
    • ( ) TMG Research Log
    • ( ) TMG Exhibit Log
  • TMG Other features
    • (Yes) Accents (Ability to color a TMG tag/person that meets a condition) - See [1]


  • TMG does not have these exactly but would be handy
    • (###) Master People List - "TMG Picklist"'s above is almost equivalent.
    • (###) Master Secrets List - All items that have some degree of privacy recorded against them would appear here.
      • In TMG Privacy record options include (See TMG User manual - "Excluding Information" pg:176):
        • (Yes) Exclusion Marker: this uses the "-"(Hyphen) entered in an entry field.
          One "-"(Hyphen) hides the contents of the field from display (makes it invisible.
          Two "--"(Double Hyphen) means to never print or export (Not sure if you can override).
        • (Yes) Sensitivity Brackets: this uses "{}"(Curly brackets or braces) to surround words that should not be printed to a report.
  • In TMG you can save a screens layout and have the ability to load those layouts. - (Gramps not so much :( )
  • In TMG the selected person is called the "Subject"
  • In TMG a "Project" may contain many "Dataset(s)" - (Gramps only one Family tree open at a time)
    • The "Dataset(s)" are real "sets" in that they share nothing but the "Project" container.
    • For each of the views and lists above unless you have hidden/filtered the dataset they can all be searched on at the same time.
    • To identify separate datasets TMG gives them an identifying number and prepends that number to the TMG ID# separated by a ":"(colon)
      eg: 5:3045 means dataset 5 TMG Individual Number 3045

  • In TMG Surety - represent by the values -1,0,1,2,3 (Minus for negative surety, then low to high surety)
  • In TMG Sort Dates – order the tags display position for the display screens and on reports. Otherwise TMG sorts dated tags in by date order with undated tags grouped together(can be top or bottom). Also the "Sort Dates", are only for control of sorting order on output, this lets you order undated tags where you want on the reports and display, overriding normal dates for those tags, the "sort date" is only for TMG's internal use. (See 7761 Dates are not sorted consistently in Gramps)
  • Media - how to handle?
Possibly not supported by Gramps exactly
Need to check

DBF Tables/field with possibly no equivalent

  • DNA ( DNA.dbf)
  • Timeline lock file ( K.dbf )
  • Focus Group(s) (B.dbf)(O.dbf)
  • Flags (C.dbf) custom flags (how to represent these in gramps?) these are not like Gramps tags.
  • Excluded Pair File (XD.dbf) / Excluded Dupes ( )?

TMG Reports

[ ] Able to save predefined reports, that appear after each report menu option on an dropdown list.