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Hello. I'm a software developer and try to fix some disturbing problems in Gramps. Unfortunately there's more to Free Software than meets the eye so patches often get relegated since I'm not an official Gramps developer. I'll post the links to my bug reports with patches here so that perhaps it can help someone. Additionally I'll post links to patches which make Gramps better for me but do not classify as bug fixes. Hopefully they'll make it better for you too. If you want to try these patches bear in mind they're "Third-party patches". You might need to create an account in the bug tracker so you can download them which is not complicated. The patches are or were for Gramps Trunk, generally Gramps 3.2-3.3 or more recent, but should apply with some fuzz to any problematic or correspondent version.

Note: many of the patches have eventually been accepted and applied to Gramps. I'm leaving them here anyway. Be sure to check whether your version of Gramps does not already offer the correspondent functionality.

Third-party patches

Bug fixes

  • Fix for weird parentheses in the Descendant Report: 3255
  • Fix for broken CSS files compromising HTML reports: 3259
  • (report from Theo Tulley/patch from VPeric and lcc) Set different abbreviations for life events in the Descendant Report: 3071
  • Fix for Descendant Report omission of last-level spouses: 3284
  • Fix for "HtmlDoc module ignores title-style of reports": 3309
Detailed Descendant Report -- fix for "Family notes and attributes are not displayed in reports" (Gramps 3.2-3.3)


Detailed Descendant Report -- standard position for child-list descendant numbering (Gramps 3.2)

Gramps' Detailed Descendant Report was already quite complete but there was a point in which it deviated from classic descendancy reports. The descendant numbers in the child list were put to the right of their name which made it uneven. The patch in the link below fixed this putting child numbers at the far left as most descendant reports do.

Detailed Descendant Report -- option for d'Aboville numbering (Gramps 3.2)
Detailed Descendant Report -- "+" sign for children with succession (Gramps 3.2)
Detailed Descendant Report -- fallback for child-list birth/death strings (Gramps 3.2)
Descendant Report -- option for de Villiers/Pama and Meurgey de Tupigny numbering systems (Gramps 3.2-3.3)
  • 3635 ([4]) (reorganized by ander882)
Descendant Report -- option for inclusion of information of marriage (Gramps 3.2-3.3)
  • 3490 ([5]) (reorganized by ander882)
Relationships View -- option to make masculine lineage patriarch the active person
Detailed Ancestral Report -- modified version which utilizes the Ancestral Lines Pairing System by Capers W. McDonald

Changing the default family relationship type from "Unknown" to "Married" in Gramps (as of March 2010)

If you'd like to change the default family relationship type from "Unknown" to "Married" in Gramps, as of March 2010, do the following. Exit Gramps, edit the file src/gen/lib/ in your Gramps source code directory (you may need to be root) and change the penultimate line from

            value = self.UNKNOWN


            value = self.MARRIED

then restart Gramps.