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Joined 26 February 2007


mail me at benny malengier at gramps-project dot org


I am a developer on Gramps. Some coding. I also helped start this wiki and made a lot of the icons in version 3.0.x

My work:


  • Bug triage and fixing: Unfortunately this takes most of the time :'(
  • Place completion tool: have your PC enter data on places, like eg. latitude.
  • Geographic Report: very early beta. The idea is to have Gramps output data to a KLM file which can then be displayed in google earth. I now work with Serge on a GeoView within Gramps.

Features Added

  • 2007-08-16 : added pictures to relationship chart in development branch
  • 2007-06  : new icons for Gramps 3.0 following Tango guidelines, see Gramps icon set

Features I hope to realise for 3.0

  • Exporter of .gramps file as it exists for GEDCOM export. Started converting old export assistant to one derived from the gtk.Assistant class.
  • Standard selection widget for notes for use in reports. The widget would be a selection box, with first selection 'Note Filter' with default: 'No notes' or 'All notes'. Second selection would show a list of note types/tags, with the ability to select what you want to print. This list could be a treeview with two columns, one with a checkbox, and the second with the note type
  • Filter editor. It is highly annoying to have to change a filter or to create a filter for every little thing you want to search, eg all places in NY, all places in TE, ... Therefore, my idea is to have after the filter selection widget an edit button. Clicking the button opens a dialog with all the data as entered in the filter, so for above that would be 'State = NY'. You can then change the data field NY to what you want to search, close and run your search. This would make the filter concept much more usefull


Nederlands slovenčina македонски


Some of my ideas on what might be big changes in Gramps.

  1. Stop the many dialogs-tabbed interface! I would like to go to a tab pages interface. Think firefox, the first tab is your main view. Clicking edit on a person/source/... does not open a new dialog, but opens a new tabpage.
    1. This would allow for a toolbar on the editors. Toolbar of edit person could have: save (in old design you need to press ok to save, we need a button now), make home person, bookmark person, run small reports (those that are now only available on the person view), make active person (active person is the person that is visible in the person view)
    2. Not so many dialogs would mean you can switch between input which is now very difficult as everything is a different window, so you end up dragging windows around.
  2. Source parts. Source is now typically a book, a log, a tomb. For better management of your sources, it is needed to introduce parts of a source, with the ability to link other objects (eg marriage event) to a source part instead of the entire source
    1. This is different from source reference. Source reference cannot be shared between objects, where a source part can be. The reference contains where in the source the reference can be found. Source parts would be extremely usefull for eg parish registries, which are logged entries which are unrelated to each other. Each log entry (eg a birth) would be a source part contained in the source, being the parish registry.
  3. php website Unfortunately I do not know php, but I would like a php website instead of the present website for the following reasons:
    1. multilingual website. The website would have buttons to select the language of the website. This means eg. one record per person with the core data, and a php script that based on that info and the language creates the webpage
    2. With a php website you can have one record with the data about a person, and different php scripts to show the data. Eg, going to a person can show you a consise record with no notes. Clicking on a link details, shows detailed information by calling another script using the same data but showing it in more detail.