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Vassilii Khachaturov


My GRAMPS-related scratchpad

  • merge familylines and relgraph good stuff into a common report
  • auto-translation of names, places, etc. - for reports and exports
  • reports & export should have more in common -- in filtering/selecting source set and output data
  • Language-aware date display with inflections #6926 -- probably should use for a completely new DateDisplayer/DateParser/libnarrate!!!
  • we need a feature usage stats tracker, there's lots of obscure features that probably aren't used much, but contribute to overall complexity. E.g., should we cut some of the report backends?

Building gf and python-gf35

  • d/l
  • prereq pkgs: libghc-haskeline-dev cabal-install haskell-devscripts happy libghc-mtl-dev libghc-json-dev libghc-parsec3-dev libpython-dev
  • cabal install: fst parallel time-compat utf8-string random
  • extract tgz to gf-3.5/
  • # dh_auto_build <- probably was redundant, but maybe needed for the python bindings?
    • make deb (add the -d option in Makefile when you get a build dependency warning)
  • sudo dpkg -i ../gf_3.5-1_i386.deb
  • In gf-3.5/contrib/py-bindings/
    • edit the makefile so that the python version computation thingie is just 2.7 verbatim, instead of the broken script line: pyversion=2.7.
    • Add


       install $< /usr/lib/python$(pyversion)/dist-packages/
    • make, it will bork on a haskell file with import CString
    • change the relevant line to import Foreign.C.String
    • make again
    • make test

all should pass

    • sudo checkinstall

Package: python-gf35 Version: 0.3 (according to upstream site <- ugh, that revision number was from -- an alternative set of bindings... let me start with the core gf bindings first since I managed to build them!) Provides: python-gf Description: Python bindings for gf 3.5

    • locally move to and make test again -- verify the .so is picked up

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