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Vassilii Khachaturov

My GRAMPS-related scratchpad

  • merge familylines and relgraph good stuff into a common report
  • auto-translation of names, places, etc. - for reports and exports
  • reports & export should have more in common -- in filtering/selecting source set and output data
    • new action - filter, expose for cli?
    • see also bug #1600
  • what is the best practice for collaboration with other active researchers? Is there a tutorial? Should gramps collab with multisync @sf? or some DVCS? Obvious use cases:
  1. two (or more) people using GRAMPS. Each wants to be the master of his own DB and vet anything incoming.
  2. make life easy for people taking periodic exports from gramps

This is a known hot issue, see How_you_can_help#Web_2.0 - can we send out only the stuff that changed? (yet another multisync sub-problem)