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#REDIRECT [[Category:Proposed Tool Specifications]]
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Tools are an integral part of GRAMPS. They are used to analyze and repair the database, and offer some useful utilities.
==Official tools in GRAMPS==
=== Analysis and Exploration ===
* [[Compare Individual Events]]
* [[Interactive descendant browser]]
=== Database Processing ===
* [[Gramps-usage#Database_Processing|Check and repair database]]
* [[Gramps-usage#Database_Processing|Extract information from names]]
* [[Gramps-usage#Database_Processing|Find possible duplicate people]]
* [[Gramps-usage#Database_Processing|Fix capitalization of family names]]
* [[Gramps-usage#Database_Processing|Rename personal event types]]
* [[Gramps-usage#Database_Processing|Reorder GRAMPS IDs]]
=== Database Repair ===
=== Debug ===
=== Revision Control ===
Enable full revision control over your GRAMPS grdb database.
*[[Checkpoint database]]
=== Utilities ===
* [[Gramps-usage#Utilities|Generate SoundEx Codes]]
* [[Gramps-usage#Utilities|Media Manager]]
* [[Relationship Calculator]]
* [[Gramps-usage#Utilities|Verify the data]]
==Import/Export Tools==
Also the import/export options are implemented in the plugins:
* CSV import/export (trunk)
* Geneweb import/export
* vcard import/export

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