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==Official tools in GRAMPS==
==Official tools in GRAMPS==
=== Analysis and Exploration ===
=== Analysis and Exploration ===
* [[Gramps-usage#Analysis_and_Exploration|Compare Individual Events]]
* [[Compare Individual Events]]
* [[Gramps-usage#Analysis_and_Exploration|Interactive descendant browser]]
* [[Interactive descendant browser]]
=== Database Processing ===
=== Database Processing ===

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Tools are an integral part of GRAMPS. They are used to analyze and repair the database, and offer some useful utilities.

Official tools in GRAMPS

Analysis and Exploration

Database Processing

Database Repair


Revision Control

Enable full revision control over your GRAMPS grdb database.


Import/Export Tools

Also the import/export options are implemented in the plugins:

  • CSV import/export (trunk)
  • Geneweb import/export
  • vcard import/export