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Fig. Timeline Quickview

The Timeline Quickview shows:

  • all of the events of a person's life
  • birth events of parents
  • all events of siblings
  • family events from all parents

These events are sorted by date, and shows the age of the center person. In total, the columns shown for each event are:

  • date
  • event description
  • age of person
  • event place
  • name of people involved in event

You can activate the Timeline Quickview by right-clicking on a person's name in the People View, and selecting "Quick View", and "Timeline". You can also use the Quickview Gramplet:

  1. select the Gramplet View
  2. right-click in an open area, and select "Add a gramplet"
  3. left-click on "Quick View Gramplet"
  4. detach the Quick View Gramplet
  5. Select "Options" at the top of the Gramplet
  6. Select View Type: "Person, and Quick Views: "Timeline", and press "Save"
  7. Close the Options

You can then change Gramps Views, and select different people, and the view will change automatically.

Double-click a row in the Timeline Quickview to bring up a dialog showing the person or family associated with the event.

You can download this plugin by following the directions at Third-party Plugins.