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Link to database is bad too

I had my database corrupt and I suspect the reason was I created a link to MyFamilyTree.grdb and moved that link to the desktop. (i.e. I created a shortcut) After the crash I was left with the original file in my home directory which would not open until repairing, my link to the grdb file, and linktofile.grdb.undo.

I was able to run the db4.4 utilities as suggested to recover my original data but it seems none of the data I modified while working in the linktofile saved.

There are other factors that could have contributed to this corruption but I feel the link was the root cause. From now on I'll simply open the file directly, at least until 3.0 is released. I thought I'd post this here as I'm unfamiliar with the bug tracking system but have some inkling of how wikis work. JohnCub 07:38, 5 November 2007 (EST)