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Why using flash ? SVG could be used for that !!! DenominoViso should be an illustration, no ?

Also, web engine (robots) cannot index flash, and some users don't use proprietary flash plugin, maybe an alternative ... Commercial sites "all in flash" which complain because they do not have audiance, make me laugh  !!!

jerome, flash is two things, an svg type of language, and a program. If you follow the language standard, you will be able to open it also with gnash or other implementations.
This is different from the denomino plugin, the idea is you make a large png of your family tree, but you cannot navigate that in a webbrowser. Converting it to a scalable flash makes navigation possible in a section of the browser window
Benny, I disable javascript and don't use flash plugin on my navigator !!!
It was just an example of SVG ability. Here, an other one. If you don't planned to make annimation, then SVG is similar in scope to Macromedia's proprietary Flash technology !!! Also, work with Mozilla and Opera.

In theory, I would think svg could do the same, but in reality, I had problems with the performance. In firefox, I did not understand how to zoom in on the svg file, and in konqueror, the rendering of the svg-image took a long time, and the navigation was not responsive enough for me to make it an interesting way of viewing the tree. Therefore I did not think that svg was as good for a relatively large family tree. (The svg-file for tree I test with now has approximately 13000 lines, and I think that corresponds to around 2500 graphics objects.). Also my relatives use IE, and at the time, all I found was a downloadable plugin from adobe (I think), and that was too slow to be useful in my case. -- Johan
The DenominoViso plugin was very nice, I did not know about that. I do not think it can replace flash for all my purposes, unless I can zoom and see the names, but I am sure it could replace it for many, and have the benefits of not being flash, that you mention. -- Johan