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Can anyone tell me how to add Richard Bos's repository in YAST (OpenSUSE 10.3) so that I can get Gramps there?

Please, post this question to the devel or user list, see Contact. I guess you can download the noarch and just click it top install, but I don't run SUSE so just guessing here. Note that you need 2.2.9 (just out), 2.2.8 crashes on 10.3
2.2.8 didn't crash on OpenSuse 10.3 !!! I don't have internet on last OpenSuse, but I think like previous release : add additional repository (domaine + path), (look at mailing list archives).I don't like the new default menu but you can add "old gnome menu" and maybe you will find yast options more easily ...

I found the answer - use the "Specify URL" option to add the repository and enter the URL as "" THe domain + directory method does not seem to work (I suspect because of the "home:/" in the URL)

Woodsmoke here:

I would like to compliment the people who made this wiki page. It is very understandable, and very well written.


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