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Wiki Manual, User manual, ... ?

The menu on the left shows User manual and takes you to this page Gramps 5.1 Wiki Manual. This is inconsistent and irritating. I suggest to use User Manual like the title of a book. When the Gramps version is important, I suggest to use parentheses, e.g. User Manual (Gramps 5.1). Furthermore, the top of the page could indicate where a user would find the User Manuals of previous Gramps versions.

Thanks, I'd grown familiar & oblivious to some of your observations.

Expanded the "Abstract" in the header section to reinforce 'wiki' make finding archived manual earlier. Added a 'Wiki' term to the Glossary.

The consistency on 'Wiki Manual' versus 'User Manual' is also a good point. That decision is up to our Webmaster. I'm inclined to agree that the sidebar 'User Manual' should be changed to 'Wiki Manual'

I think we're stuck with the 'Gramps 5.1' prefixes. They are part of the MediaWiki file organization system. But it is also vital for the Search Engine indexing ... so that people get to the right edition for the right software product. Also, having a fully qualified page title makes the Printable (print to PDF) page distinct from outdated copies.

The use of parentheticals is a style discussion, I think. Usually, one considers such qualifications contextually implied. (Just as you might say '1965 Ford Mustang automobile' in general conversation but only '1965 Ford Mustang' on a muscle car website, just '1965 Mustang' on a Ford corporate website and just "'65" in a Mustang group.) Our first mention is (hopefully) fully qualified but uses the shortened form elsewhere. In the menu, the Gramps is implied while the version qualification is left off to keep from having to amend instruction on the mailgroup & in other venues.

Bamaustin (talk) 16:32, 10 June 2020 (UTC)