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My purpose in making this entry is to notify you that the documentation to which I am directed, if I attempt to answer the question: "What are the descriptions of the Event Type Codes used in the database?", does not yield the correct answer.

Now I understand that there could be at least three good reasons for the problem. First, it could be that I don't know how to navigate the Wiki to locate the information correctly. Or, second, it could be that the Wiki navigation fails when trying to use a single Wiki to keep track of software documentation for more than one version of that software. [I start at a a page that says it is working on Version 3.4, but by the time I have clicked through to the specific information in which I am interested, I see no strong indication that I have arrived at a page documenting 3.4, and if I had been around for the earlier iterations, I might conclude that the documentation I located is for 3.3 or earlier, just based on date stamps that are visible.

Thirdly, it could be that the Wiki navigation is behaving as you wish it to, but no one has had time to update the information cross-referencing Event Type Codes to Event Type Descriptions.

In any case, I was able to find the correct coding by scanning the current source code for the project, but I believe you would rather have users glean those facts from these pages.

I hope that the administration of the Wiki is such that this will prove to be an effective way to provide feedback/assistance in the maintenance of your very, very nice application package.

Tcorbet (talk) 21:41, 2 December 2012 (MST)

For looking at info on wiki: Special:Search, User_manual, Events_in_GRAMPS. See also categories at the bottom.
We are also aware that wiki for the official manual is not perfect... See also Manual_Generation_3.0.
We experimented some others ways in the past and wiki makes sense for collaborative editions. In theory, all users should be authors of the documentation. :Feel free to contribute. Any help is welcome and we do not have all possible issues in mind. To generate clearer sections is good for any project.