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TODO: CHECK deprecated or updated informations

Common Options

  • id: =ID

Gramps ID of a central person.

I4 Smith, Ingeman

I18 Smith, John Hjalmar

I38 Hansdotter, Kerstina

I39 Smith, Martin

I28 Streiffert, Anna

I40 Smith, Marjorie Alice

I22 Smith, Martin

I11 Smith, Hanna

I41 Green, Janis Elaine

I15 Smith, Gus

I8 Smith, Hjalmar

I3 Smith, Magnes

I5 Smith, Mason Michael

I10 Smith, Hans Peter

I24 Smith, Gustaf Sr.

I20 Smith, Carl Emil

I17 Jones, Lillie Harriet

I23 Smith, Astrid Shermanna Augusta

I1 Smith, Keith Lloyd

I37 Smith, Edwin Michael

I19 Smith, Eric Lloyd

I25 Ericsdotter, Marta

I29 Smith, Craig Peter

I2 Smith, Amber Marie

I33 Smith, Lloyd

I32 Horne, Darcy

I26 Smith, Kirsti Marie

I35 Smith, Lars Peter

I30 Adams, Janice Ann

I0 Hansdotter, Anna

I31 Ohman, Marjorie

I12 Nielsen, Herman Julius

I9 Smith, Emil

I27 Smith, Ingeman

I36 Jefferson, Elna

I21 Smith, Hjalmar

I34 Perkins, Alice Paula

I14 Smith, Marjorie Lee

I7 Smith, Ingar

I6 Willard, Edwin

I16 Anderson, Jennifer

I13 Michaels, Evelyn

Check and Repair Database

  • name:


Rebuild Reference Maps

  • name:


Check Localized Date Displayer and Parser

  • name:


Rename Event Types

  • name:


  • fromtype: =str

Type of events to replace

Value: Event type string

  • totype: =str

New type replacing the old one

Value: Event type string

Dump Gender Statistics

  • name:


Generate Testcases for Persons and Families

  • name:


  • add_linebreak: =0/1

Wheter to add a line break to every text field

No linebreak

Add line break

  • person_count: =int

Number of dummy persons to generate

Value: Number of persons

  • no_trans: =0/1

Wheter to use one transaction or multiple small ones

One transaction

Multiple transactions

  • long_names: =0/1

Wheter to create short or long names

Short names

Long names

  • bugs: =0/1

Whether to create invalid database references.

Skip test

Create invalid Database references

  • persons: =0/1

Whether to create a bunch of dummy persons

Dont create persons

Create dummy persons

  • add_serial: =0/1

Wheter to add a serial number to every text field

No serial

Add serial number

  • specialchars: =0/1

Wheter to ass some special characters to every text field

No special characters

Add special characters

Verify the Data

  • name:


  • lngwdw: =num

Maximum number of consecutive years of widowhood before next marriage

Value: Number of years

  • mxchildmom: =num

Maximum number of children for a woman

Value: Number of children

  • wedder: =num

Maximum number of spouses for a person

Value: Number of spouses

  • oldunm: =num

Maximum age for an unmarried personNumber of years

  • mxchilddad: =num

Maximum number of children for a man

Value: Number of chidlren

  • estimate_age: =0/1

Whether to estimate missing dates

Do not estimate

Estimate dates

  • yngmar: =num

Minimum age to marry

Value: Age in years

  • oldmar: =num

Maximum age to marry

Value: Age in years

  • cbspan: =num

Maximum span of years for all children

Value: Span in years

  • oldage: =num

Maximum age

Value: Age in years

  • olddad: =num

Maximum age to father a child

Value: Age in years

  • hwdif: =num

Maximum husband-wife age difference

Value: Age difference in years

  • invdate: =0/1

Whether to check for invalid datesDo not identify invalid dates

Value: Identify invalid dates

  • yngmom: =num

Minimum age to bear a child

Value: Age in years

  • yngdad: =num

Minimum age to father a child

Value: Age in years

  • oldmom: =num

Maximum age to bear a child

Value: Age in years

  • cspace: =num

Maximum number of years between children

Value: Number of years

Rebuild Secondary Indices

  • name:


Generate Commandline Plugin Reference

  • name:


  • include: =0/1

Whether to include into the manual

Do not include


  • target: =str

Pathname to the target file

Value: Any valid pathname

Reorder GRAMPS IDs

  • name: