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Benny changed argument handling for GRAMPS 3.0 and need help. I pasted some modifications on wiki and added small HTML tags (could be removed) to try to hide possible arguments or comments no more supported !!! I didn't try CLI arguments yet but feel free to improve this first draft.

how to do a selective export with command line?

Is there a way to do a more selective export of the DB than just full database export with "-o"? E.g., how do I specify the contents of the "GRAMPS XML export options" dialog on the command line? TIA, BACbKA 07:40, 27 January 2011 (EST)

There is no additional option (except format) on export, see cli/
But I suppose to call a proxy should be possible in the future?
Note, you are reading version for Gramps3.0! Last version for Gramps3.2 is here.

Thanks a lot! BACbKA