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I disagree that letting users do as they like is "bad design", it is good design. Gramps shouldn't force a data model into users. Please understand the variety of usage practices as a good thing. --Lcc 22:44, 8 April 2010 (UTC)

translation of labels based on ...

The translation of labels based on country is a very cool idea. The multi-lingual reporting usage scenario would probably also abenefit from different preference based on the current locale.

The thing could be taken to a different level by introducing the concept of "language preference" for any GRAMPS item. The user would be able to tag any text field --- optionally --- with a language selector. For such fields, one can add multiple values, and for every text value tag its language. Based on the current locale, only one of the value will be selected. The order of preference of languages given a current locale can be specified globally. There could also be a helpful tool to flag all the items missing alternatives for a given language. BACbKA 12:27, 18 January 2011 (EST)

Italian address examples