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This is a fantastic option. I have been using Gramps to keep herd records for our Pedigree Highland Cattle Fold. It has annoyed me that I haven't been able to output 'Sire/Dam' etc.

So I latched onto this fix with a vengeance. However, I have just run through the procedure (twice) but I still can see my changes.

Could the problem be related to me having downloaded a v3 source? Where do I find the en_GB.po file so I can edit that?

I was looking for this file too. Does anyone has the answer? I,ve been using this hack on gramps 3.2 and I still haven't found it THX

po file

I posted on your talk page. The quick:

For animal pedigree, you need to follow the translation manual:

So, there is no en.po, because gramps is already in english. Therefore, you use the gramps.pot file, merge in the previous animal po file, then translate the other strings you want translated.

If there is much desire, mail the user/devel mailing list (Contact), and we can make this more official and easier to maintain, eg with a grampscattle translation domain.