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Task Status
Specification draft Work in progress
Approval ?
Implementation not started

Graphical Descendant Report

Everyone has been telling me how this report should run/look. Ok, I'll write them down here and... uh think.

Known Errors

I really like future features

alan ([email protected])
8. Always nice to generate a small box somewhere that says "Print Date...". Perhaps an option in the Print tab under "Print page numbers"? #fixed with the notes option in beta 3

Maybe Future features

  • Thinking of adding notes to the report as seen in 'Reports -> Graphs -> Family Lines Graph' and scroll all the way to the far right of the options. *Added in Beta 3*
  • Maybe adding a border around the report. *Added in Beta 2*
  • any others that you can think of?

asked for

alan ([email protected])
1. Title - perhaps family name should be used as well? In my case it could be "Cousin Chart for Thomas Armstrong and James Wilson Armstrong". Or "...Thomas and James Wilson Armstrong". *Comming in Beta 3*
So running around names, I found that this is a Descendant report. So that is what I am going to use.
The title will display the left most people on the report. If grandparents are there, display their names. If only the parents are there, display them.
2. Left column - Armstrong, John and McFarlane, unknown. No lines joining people to the event as there is with Armstrong, Thomas and Wilson, Margaret. In fact Armstrong, Thomas and Wilson, Margaret is the only relationship where the people and event are tied together.
5. Would it be better to tie main person with event and spouse with a verticle line instead of horizontal lines out the end of the box? See my example in red with Armstrong, James Wilson and Casey, Ann. Of greater importance with families in the right column.


From: B. Malengier

why not call it 'Extended Descendant Tree' or 'Cousin Descendant Tree'.
ok, maybe a different name... Any other thoughts?
Found that this is a Descendant report. Since that is currently used, I'm calling a Descend](bracket) report. Now I couldn't call it a Descend # report. Or maybe D#??? nope. Not on your life!  :)
2/Do you think it possible to merge descendant tree code with your code?
A (far?) future yes.
3/Color information. I believe a chart like this can show its information better with a bit of color. I am thinking a color for the father ancestors, a color for the mother ancestors, and then a color per uncle/aunt. This could be a single option, that when selected removes the drop down shadows. As a comparison, a chart of a commercial competitor