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Residence and census are on GEDCOM 5.5 specifications :

RESI 	{RESIDENCE} 	The act of dwelling at an address for a period of time.
CENS 	{CENSUS} 	The event of the periodic count of the population for a designated locality, such as a
                       national orstate Census.
TYPE 	{TYPE}   	A further qualification to the meaning of the associated superior tag. The value does not 
                       have anycomputer processing reliability. It is more in the form of a short one or two word
                       note that should be displayed any time the associated data is displayed.

Place and Address

Multiples places

There is a lot of solutions :

  • GEDCOM 5.5 allows a sub-division on place title separated by commas.

But using a specific address as place title (or place attribute) might generate a lot of place objects on the same city or same district (no shared place object).

  • Gramps provides an Address tab on person editor.

But maybe an other GEDCOM issue, which could hide some useful informations for genealogical searchs !

  • The most effective emplacement for setting address seems to be the event editor !!!

Event objects are used on reports and displayed on views/tabs/dialogs. Most places deal with events (see Place Report)

How or where could we set address on event ?

Personaly, I find the event description a good choice :

Residence Census
Event Individual or family Shared (People and Family)
Source Certificate or a card Census (Place and date)
Place no sub-division for address (city, code, county, state, country) no sub-division for address (city, code, county, state, country)
Event description Residence of Surname, Given name - address (number street) Address (number street)

I agree, we could use "(event type) of person's name" on both event type (residence and census), maybe with the "header of family" as person's name on census event.

To share data

  • with Gramps XML format (to Gramps), there is no problem, descriptions on event are safe.
  • but if the recipient's program ignores TYPE attribut (GEDCOM), then he could lose descriptions on event ...

More informations