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* [[Count Ancestors]] -- counts number of ancestors
* [[Count Ancestors]] -- counts number of ancestors
* [[Gramps-usage#View_Reports|Summary Report]] -- provides a summary of database
* [[Summary Report]] -- provides a summary of database
===Web Page===
===Web Page===

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This is a list of all official reports in GRAMPS.

Official reports in GRAMPS


  • Book Report -- Creates a book containing several reports

Code Generators

  • Relationship Graph -- Creates data file for use in GraphViz to make graphs of relationships
  • FamilyLines -- Generates smaller family trees, with many options to try and restrict the number of people included.

Graphical Reports

Text Reports


Web Page

Proposed Reports

If you have a proposal for a report, make a feature request at http://bugs.gramps-project.org. If you want to add a detailed report specification to your proposal, add it to Portal:Enhancement Proposals, Category:Proposed Report Specifications.