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Report snippets are small pieces of technical examples showing Formatting and Queries. These snippets could easily be re-used when customizing other reports.

Display Format Tips

displaying parent data to children


For the Graphical reports, I wanted to use the Marriage Box to display parent data such as: "Children of Dione and Amirah" or "Children of Dione and Unknown"

To do this, I used the advanced section in the report options. I replace the strings that had been used as a separator to fill in the blank if the parent was unknown. This technique can be used to replace other strings as well.

Code for Marriage Display Format. (Displays first names of parents.)

Children of {$n(t f s) $n(n) }  u<,> {and $s(t f s)}

Code for Advanced Tab, Replace Display Format:

 u, and/ and
 u,/and Unknown Parent

I also use this to Display Descendants and Spouses. It basically gives the last name first and nicknames.

 $n(L, t f) {$n('n')} $n(s)
 - { b. $b}{; d. $d}

Happy Charting.

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