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This is still a draft. Please don't link to it yet!

In GRAMPS there are six different types of reports.

  • Text report
  • Graphical report
  • Book report
  • Code generators
  • Web page generator
  • View only report

Only Text reports and Graphical reports use the Report (Document) API, since the latter three directly write their output into file(s) or onto the screen, while Book reports are simply combination of Text reports and Graphical reports.

Common API

At the moment the combination of textual and graphical elements within one document is not supported (for future plans refer to Report API redesign), thus Text and Graphical reports are implemented via separate APIs, though they have a common part. This common part is implemented in the | BaseDoc class, which contains among others basic document opening, closing, and stylesheet handling methods. It also stores the physical description of a page (sheet of paper in print).


Text document API

Graphical document API