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==The Enhancement Proposals Portal==
==The Enhancement Proposals Portal==

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The Enhancement Proposals Portal

This section of the wiki groups all proposals to improve GRAMPS.

Warning: all normal feature request should be done at http://bugs.gramps-project.org. Just click to add an issue, and select as category: feature request.

Some ideas however need a collaborative effort, for which you can use the categories in this portal.

Please note that submitting a feature request or making a proposal does not guarantee that the feature will be added.

Existing Tools

  • Place completion_tool - Interactive place checking, proposing values for place and main location attributes
  • CSV import/export - Spreadsheet (OpenOffice, ...) import via Comma Separated Values.

GRAMPS trunk can Export to spreadsheet, print, CSV of views.


Category:Proposed Report Specifications: make a detailed design for a new report.

Category:Proposed Tool Specifications: make a detailed design for a new tool

Category:GEPS: make a GRAMPS enhancement proposal. This should be a complex/detailed description of a way to make GRAMPS better.