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Welcome to the [http://gramps-project.org GRAMPS] Developers Portal! The site is designed to allow those interested in assisting with the GRAMPS program.
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{{Developers/box-header|<big>The GRAMPS Developers Portal</big>|Developers/Intro}}
* [[Brief introduction to SVN]]
* [[Roadmap]]
==Programmer's Reference==
* [http://gramps-project.org/devdoc/api/2.2/ API reference]
* [[Logging system]]
* [[Report specifications]]
* [[Tool specifications]]
==Programming Tutorials==
* [[Using database API]]
* [[Report-writing tutorial]]

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edit  The GRAMPS Developers Portal
Welcome to the Gramps Developers Portal! This area is reserved for people helping with the development of the Gramps program.

Gramps is programmed in the language Python.

If you are an adventurous user, have some technical experience, or have a programming background, you might like to try Getting started with Gramps master.

You might want to start with obtaining the source code or have a look at Getting started with Gramps development. Once you have the code, writing a report or a quick report is a great way to learn to navigate through the codebase; see also Addons development. After getting familiar with Gramps, you might want to help work on a proposal, or make a proposal yourself you want to spend time on. Both can be done at the Proposals Portal, in collaboration with the bug/feature tracker.

Developer Resources