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edit  Das Gramps Community Portal
Welcome to the Gramps Community Portal. This space is reserved for the community around Gramps, the Free Software project for genealogy.
No poll running at the moment
edit  Anwender Wahlen
Above you may see our current feature poll. Please take a vote! See the results of featured polls of the past.

As a user, you can also add a poll to one of the articles you are editing/making. To make users aware of your poll, consider adding it to User polls, and include it in your article from there.

edit  Live CD
A Live CD based on Ubuntu with pre-installed Gramps, GeneWeb, and LifeLines applications, as well as the GraphViz program to draw beautiful graphs in Gramps. The CD is available only for the x86 architecture.
edit  Gramps T-Shirts
Du kannst Gramps T-Shirts bei Cafepress kaufen.