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| [http://www.gramps-project.org/wiki/images/d/d5/GoogleEarthWriteKML.zip GoogleEarthWriteKML.py]
| [http://www.gramps-project.org/wiki/images/d/d5/GoogleEarthWriteKML.zip GoogleEarthWriteKML.py]
| [[Groups|Family Groups and attributes]]
| [[Groups|Family Groups and/or attributes]]
| Report
| Report
| N/A
| N/A

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Plugin / Documentation Type Version Description Written for GRAMPS Use Rating (out of 4) Contact Download
Check and Repair Tool Tool 3.1.2 Fixes dates from 3.1.0 3.1.0 All 4 Stars Gramps Bugtracker See Check and Repair Tool for details.
Plugin Manager Gramplet Gramplet 1.0.0 Lists plugins available for GRAMPS 3.1.0 All 2 Stars Gramps Bugtracker PluginManagerGramplet.py
Deep Connections Gramplet Gramplet 1.0.0 Finds deep relationships between home and active people 3.1.0 All 3 Stars Gramps Bugtracker DeepConnectionsGramplet.py
Data Entry Gramplet Gramplet 1.0.0 Quick Data Entry for People data 3.1.0 Expert user 4 Stars Gramps Bugtracker DataEntryGramplet.py
Note Gramplet Gramplet 1.0.0 Quick Data Entry for Notes 3.1.0 Expert user 4 Stars Gramps Bugtracker NoteGramplet.py
FAQ Gramplet Gramplet 1.0.0 GRAMPS Frequently Asked Questions 3.1.0 Beginner user 0 Stars Gramps Bugtracker FaqGramplet.py
Headline News Gramplet Gramplet 1.0.1 Shows GRAMPS breaking news, once per hour 3.1.0 All 4 Stars Gramps Bugtracker HeadlineNewsGramplet.py
Python Gramplet Gramplet 1.0.0 Interactive Python Shell 3.1.0 Developer 4 Stars Gramps Bugtracker PythonGramplet.py
Descendant Count Gramplet Gramplet 1.0.0 Gives a count of descendants for each person 3.1.0 All 4 Stars [1] DescendantCountGramplet.zip
Cairo Clock Gramplet Gramplet 1.0.0 Example of how to use the Cairo drawing canvas in a gramplet 3.1.0 Example 4 Stars [2] ClockGramplet.zip
Place completion tool Tool 1.2 Work on your places (add latitude, country, ...) 3.1.0 All ? see file placecompletion_1_2.tar.gz
Locations Report Report N/A Lists individuals with their locations. Use to clean up locations. 3.1.0 All ? Jerome Rapinat Locations.py
Repositories Report Report N/A List sources related to repositories 3.1.0 All ? Jerome Rapinat RepositoriesReport.py
Ancestoral, Personal Descendant, and Familial Descendant Reports Report 0.4.5
very stable but recoding
Updated versions of the standard Graphical Ancestor and Descendant reports 3.1.0 All ? Craig J. Anderson Graphical.zip
GoogleEarth, Show places with Google Earth Map sevice 1.0.0 Shows one or more places by creating a kml/kmz file for use by Google Earth 3.1.0 All 3 Stars Peter G. Landgren GoogleEarthWriteKML.py
Family Groups and/or attributes Report N/A Lists FamilyGroups and display Identification Number attributes 3.1.0 All ? Jean-Francois Chassé soon