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| [http://gramps-project.org/wiki/images/e/e6/RepositoriesReport.gz RepositoriesReport.py]
| [http://gramps-project.org/wiki/images/e/e6/RepositoriesReport.gz RepositoriesReport.py]
| [[Check and Repair Tool]]
| Tool
| 3.1.2
| Fixes dates from 3.1.0
| 3.1.0
| All
| 4 Stars
| [http://www.gramps-project.org/bugs/my_view_page.php Gramps Bugtracker]
| See [[Check and Repair Tool]] for details.
| [[Place completion tool]]
| [[Place completion tool]]
| Tool
| Tool

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Plugin / Documentation Type Version Description Written for GRAMPS Use Rating (out of 4) Contact Download
GeoView Experimental View NA An extra view in GRAMPS which shows places, events, info of active person, ... embedded in GRAMPS on a map using different backends (OpenStreetMaps, Google Maps, ...) NA Testing NA Gramps Bugtracker GeoView
RelatedPersons Filter for Rules/persons 1.1.0 People with related home-person (v1.1 : Without "Numeric", not a standard module) 3.1.0 All  ? Jean-Francois Chassé _RelatedPersons.py
Cairo Clock Gramplet Gramplet 1.0.0 Example of how to use the Cairo drawing canvas in a gramplet 3.1.0 Example 4 Stars [1] ClockGramplet.zip
Data Entry Gramplet Gramplet 1.0.0 Quick Data Entry for People data 3.1.0 Expert user 4 Stars Gramps Bugtracker DataEntryGramplet.py
Deep Connections Gramplet Gramplet 1.0.0 Finds deep relationships between home and active people 3.1.0 All 3 Stars Gramps Bugtracker DeepConnectionsGramplet.py
Descendant Count Gramplet Gramplet 1.0.0 Gives a count of descendants for each person 3.1.0 All 4 Stars [2] DescendantCountGramplet.zip
FAQ Gramplet Gramplet 1.0.0 GRAMPS Frequently Asked Questions 3.1.0 Beginner user 0 Stars Gramps Bugtracker FaqGramplet.py
Headline News Gramplet Gramplet 1.0.1 Shows GRAMPS breaking news, once per hour 3.1.0 All 4 Stars Gramps Bugtracker HeadlineNewsGramplet.py
Note Gramplet Gramplet 1.0.0 Quick Data Entry for Notes 3.1.0 Expert user 4 Stars Gramps Bugtracker NoteGramplet.py
Plugin Manager Gramplet Gramplet 1.0.0 Lists plugins available for GRAMPS 3.1.0 All 2 Stars Gramps Bugtracker PluginManagerGramplet.py
Python Gramplet Gramplet 1.0.0 Interactive Python Shell 3.1.0 Developer 4 Stars Gramps Bugtracker PythonGramplet.py
GoogleEarth, Show places with Google Earth Map sevice 1.0.1 Shows one or more places by creating a kml/kmz file for use by Google Earth 3.1.0 All 3 Stars Peter G. Landgren GoogleEarthWriteKML.py
Timeline Quickview Quickview 1.0.1 Shows timeline of events in immediate family members' lives 3.1.0 All 4 Stars [3] TimelineQuickview.zip
Ancestoral, Personal Descendant, and Familial Descendant Reports Report 0.4.5
very stable but recoding
Updated versions of the standard Graphical Ancestor and Descendant reports 3.1.0 All  ? Craig J. Anderson Graphical.zip
Family Groups and/or attributes Report 1.1.0 Lists FamilyGroups and display Identification Number attributes (v1.1 : Without "Numeric", not a standard module) 3.1.0 All  ? Jean-Francois Chassé FamilyGroups_1_1.py
Locations Report Report N/A Lists individuals with their locations. Use to clean up locations. 3.1.0 All  ? Jerome Rapinat Locations.py
Repositories Report Report N/A List sources related to repositories 3.1.0 All  ? Jerome Rapinat RepositoriesReport.py
Place completion tool Tool 1.2 Work on your places (add latitude, country, ...) 3.1.0 All  ? see file placecompletion_1_2.tar.gz
DenominoViso Website 2.0 Creates interactive graphical ancestor/descendant tree on a webpage. 3.1.0 All 3 Stars Michiel Nauta DenominoViso.py