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Plugin / Documentation

This is a link to documentation on this plugin. Users should read the documentation before installing any plugin.


There are a variety of types of plugins, including:

  • Report - adds a new output report
  • View - adds a new view to the list of views available
  • Gramplet - adds a new Gramplet to Gramps, which can be activated by right-clicking on the Gramplet View
  • Quickview - a view that you can run by right-clicking on object, or if a person quickview, then through the Quick View Gramplet
  • Website - output a static genealogy website based on your Gramps data


An image of the plugin.


A brief description of the plugin.


The Use indicates who might receive the most benefit out of the plugin. Common categories of users:

  • All
  • Developer
  • Beginning user
  • Expert user

Rating (out of 4)

The Rating should give an indication of the state of the plugin:

  • 0 Star - initial version, basic framework defined, does not work correctly, please help
  • 1 Star - partially working with some functionality, but much more work is needed; needs testing
  • 2 Stars - about half done, works, but more work is needed for it to be complete; needs more testing
  • 3 Stars - some known issues, but mostly complete
  • 4 Stars - complete, works well, fully tested


Use this link to report issues, or provide feedback to the author.


Use this link to download the plugin. See Third-party Plugins for more details on installing a plugin.