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In addition to the tools in GRAMPS, there are other Free Software or Open Source genealogy tools to make websites, trees, parse gedcom, .... If GRAMPS tools do not meet your needs, you may wish to consider one of the following tools.


ExpoActes is a french PHP/MySQL module for easily displaying, editing and modifing certificates on your web server host. Released under GPL, you need at least Apache 1.3, PHP 4.3 and MySQL 4.0. Levels for access:

  • 1 = Access to city, parish
  • 2 = Access to patronymic
  • 3 = Access to tables (names and dates)
  • 4 = Access to more informations on certificates
  • 5 = Allowed to load data with Nimègue (Windows program)
  • 6 = Allowed to load data with CSV (OpenOffice or text)
  • 7 = ** not used
  • 8 = Allowed to manage all data
  • 9 = Admin
Seems Linux users need main module and config. This module is powerful but in French-only.

help (in french) for importing CSV on your server.


Gedail generates a Web genealogical site from a Gedcom file based on the gedcom 5.5 standard. It doesn't handle all gedcom elements. It is released under GPL.


GED2WWW was an open source software originally written by Leslie Howard. Jean-Baptiste Fahy maintained the program under GPL but the developments are now on a new program: GénàToile, which not display yet non-ASCII characters under UTF-8.


hrlib is a python library to read Heredis (a genealogy program) file. It allow you to read-only everything in a Heredis file with extension .hrX. Plus hrreportmaker create some reports with hrlib. It is able to use LifeLine report and also create new one in Python. There is no packages but files are on CVS. It is released under GPL.


hr2ged is a python program that transcribe Heredis file in Gedcom. It is available both with a GUI and on command-line. Also hr2db may transcribe to MYSQL, ACCESS (via ODBC), Gadfly. It is released under GPL.


JcArbGen is a KDE (qt) pedigree tree manager in french. It is released under GPL.


karto need java and is released under GPL.

Karto allows to calibrate a scanned map with some known geo-points (Lambert, UTM, ...). After that, you can add any points (GPS points) in the map to build your own map. You can also add a transparent GIF image in the map after calibration (cave or mine). It doesn't work with common genealogical formats but with most images and textual masks. Useful if you want to display ancestors on your old map.


PyPedal - Python Pedigree Analysis is a Python module that provides tools for the manipulation of pedigrees, simple visualization of pedigrees, and the calculation of measures of genetic diversity from pedigrees.

Web Family Tree

Web Family Tree draws a tree of ancestors and descendants for any person, showing any number of generations (where the information exists). Published with a GNU General Public License. Also, Gramps allows to export into this format. You may download the last version on freshmeat.

Non-Free Software

In addition to Free Software and Open Source Software programs, there are no cost, shareware and commercial genealogy tools. It is not the goal of the GRAMPS project to promote such products, since they do not preserve the user's freedom and can lock the user's data out of his/her control.

For more information on no cost, shareware and commercial, see Cyndi's List or Geneasoft.

Other Tools

One can exchange also information with family web applications, but these are not directly genealogy related. They can be interesting to host data generated from genealogy applications (anniversaries, ...). Some free tools (you need the skill to set up a web service, most web projects have companies connected to them that for a fixed fee host and maintain the application for you):

  • Family Connection: Family Connection is a GPL Web application based on Ruby on Rails, which restricts access only to family members by requiring a family password. It offers Family News, Address Book, Photo Album (demo site).
  • Family Connections: Family Connections is a private, easy-to-use website where you can connect with your friends and family.