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Method 1

Here is my method. Hope this will be some help. This should work for all UNIX / Linux. In Microsoft you could create a \srv folder.

/srv - I store all my server files in /srv, including web and Samba. This is the standard UNIX directory for server files.

/srv/Genealogy/ or

/srv/Samba/Genealogy/ or

/srv/Samba/Family/Genealogy/ - If you use a samba file share, you may want to use something like the second one. I use the third one, which has a file share of Family. This is the structure of /srv/Genealogy:

./Books_Published/ All books that I have published, such as "Perkins Family History".

./Books_In_Process/ Current book that I am working on.

./Doc/   This is the big one where I store all the Media files.

./Doc/Book_xxxxx/ I have stored documents such as birth certificated in a three ring binder. These are enclosed in acid free clear sleeves. The "xxxxx" = the name of the binder.

./Doc/Book_xxxxx/001-xxxx.jpeg These are the graphics from the book. the first three is the page number of the sleeve. Then a title. This title is the same as I use for the Media title. Hence path is ../Doc/Book_1/031-Birth_Record_Perkins_Gerald.png and Media Title is Birth Record Perkins, Gerald Dana

./Doc/Census/ path is ../Doc/Census/california-humboldt-south_fork_township-1920-69-1b.jpeg. Title is Census USA, California, Humboldt, South Fork Township 1920 69 p. 1B

./Doc/Head_Shot/ Where I keep an individuals head shot. This is placed in People > Person > Gallery

./Doc/Indiana_Marriage_Collection_1800-1941/ Names of different collections. Example shown.

./Doc/Media_yyyy/ This is kind of my general catch all. I know, not good. It started to be so large that I started a new one every year. Slowly I have moved some to there proper directories.

./Doc/Military/ Example Registration_Perkins_C_Ray.jpeg

./Doc/Naturalization/ Example Helwig_Otto.jpeg

./Doc/Object/ These are photos of objects such as Military_POW_Tag_Helwig_Charles.jpeg

./Doc/Ship_Manifest/ I have been working on the format here. This is a current example sm-philadelphia_rhynland-a-1901-06-16.jpeg

./Gramps/ The home of Gramps.

./Miscellaneous/ Currently store blank Census forms and the like.

./Need_To_Process/ Any new files, photos, etc that I need to process into Gramps. Kind of a holding area.