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 Get Involved !
Development of GRAMPS 3.0 is going smoothly. The core elements are almost finished: new family tree management and multiple rich text notes. Focus is shifting to smaller features, updating the reports and even some new reports.
As always, we can use as much help as possible, especially with reworking the reports. Take the development version for a spin, and get involved!
 Gramps 2.2.8 ("You sons of a silly person") released.
2007.28.5 Since the 2.2 branch is in bug fix only mode, this release consists primarily of bug fixes.

Version 2.2.8 -- the "You sons of a silly person" release:

  • Bug fixes (Brian Matherly, Don Allingham, Martin Hawlisch, Benny Malengier)
  • Addition of Norwegian date handler (Espen Berg)
 Linux Genealogy CD 3.0
The GRAMPS project is pleased to announce the new release of the Linux Genealogy CD 3.0. This disk is based on Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) and features GRAMPS 2.2.7, as well as other genealogy software: GeneWeb and LifeLines. The disk can be used both as a Live Session CD, and as the installation disk to install Ubuntu and genealogy software permanently on your hard drive (if you so wish). Download and details: see Linux Genealogy CD
 Gramps 2.2.7 ("Well, I didn't vote for you.") released.
2007.22.4 The 2.2.7 release is a bug fix release. While no new functionality was added, many, many bugs were fixed.

 New wiki site
The new wiki site is being rapidly developed as I write this. The plan now is to transfer all contents of various gramps websites to this wiki: the main site as well as the developers wiki. Most of the main site is already ported, although we still have to figure out the new format for news/announcements. Some of the developers contents is also transferred, but there’s always room for more.

Please help us maintain the clean and up-to-date wiki site by contributing to this wiki. Use Talk sections to discuss arguable edits, email gramps-users list if in doubt, teach us how to better utilize the MediaWiki if you know more about it. The new site looks clean and useable and is surprisingly easy to modify.

 Gramps 2.2.6 ("Summarize Proust Competition") released.
The 2.2.6 release is a quick release to fix the problem with reports. 2.2.5 has a bug that is triggered if you try to create a report in landscape mode. Generating a report in landscape mode would corrupt the saving of you options, preventing you from generating a new report. 2.2.6 fixes this problem.
 Gramps 2.2.5 ("Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time") released.
The GRAMPS project is pleased to announce the release of the 2.2.5 version. It is available for download. This release focused heavily on two major areas - bug fixes and performance optimizations. Large databases will operate much faster than in previous releases. Several new features where added, including a Birthday List report, and a new date entry box. Read more for details.

Version 2.2.5 -- the "Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time" release:

  • Peformance optimizations (Don Allingham, Alex Roitman, Richard Taylor)
  • New date entry provides a new visual indicator (fade in/out of background color) instead of the old "LED" buttons. (Zsolt Foldvari)
  • Keybindings added for list views (Don Allingham, Benny Malengier)
  • New Birthday and Anniversaries report (Douglas Blank)
  • Better error checking
  • Better longitude/latitude handling, mapping (Benny Malengier, Zolt Foldvari)
  • Bug fixes (Don Allingham, Martin Hawlisch, Brian Matherly, Alex Roitman, Douglas Blank, Stefan Bjork, Richard Taylor)