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== Description ==
== Description ==
=== Generate ===
=== Generate ===

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This tool uses md5 checksums to verify the integrity of files under the media directory. It also allows users to use a file manager of their choice to manage media objects.


This tool assumes that you are using relative media paths and have a base path set. In the "General" tab, under the Edit->Preferences menu option, you can set the "Base path for relative media paths".




Clicking the "Generate" button will generate md5 checksums for all media objects. You should run this after you have added or changed any media files. Media objects without md5 checksums will be listed as part of the media verification.


Clicking the "Verify" button will perform various checks against your media objects in Gramps and media files under your media directory.

  • Files that have moved are listed in the "Moved Files" section. Where there are multiple files with the same checksum under the media directory, the first one listed with the same name as the original will be displayed.
  • Media objects are listed in the "Missing Files" section, when there is no file found with a matching checksum.
  • Files with duplicate checksums are listed in the "Duplicate Files" section.
  • Files that are under the media directory, but not yet in Gramps are listed in the "Extra Files" section.
  • Media objects with no checksum are listed in the "No md5 Generated" section.


Clicking the "Fix" button will fix the paths in the media objects to match the new paths listed in the "Moved Files" section.